Culvert Sizes

Culvert sizes

I just realized that in the process of creating our series on the different kinds of culverts, we at Culvert Design have compiled a decent list of all the standard culvert pipe sizes out there.  You can bookmark this for reference.

Click for standard sizes of:

Each of those lists comes from an ASTM standard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s widely available.  Usually it’s the sizes at the end of the range that are questionable, like 3600 mm CSP (the largest).  So check with local manufacturers if you have to.  The ones in my area give me a list which includes a “budget level price” for the bridge sized pipe, which I try to keep up to date.

The structural plate sizes can get pretty big (15 m; 50 ft) but if you need bigger, or a different configuration like an open bottom arch, they will custom designed for you.

If you need help choosing between different types of culvert, read out post on the types of culverts.

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